Immanuel Lutheran Church
3801 Cunningham Road
Killeen, Texas 76542
Ph: 254.634.2772

Aug 12, 2020

Greetings members of Immanuel,

It is clear that we are taking the time to check in with each other with calls, letters, and social media, and we know this time of being separated from each other and from our church is not easy. We all are praying for an end to this pandemic. We are starting to see a decline in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Bell County, but it is still not back to the daily numbers we were seeing in April and May. Please know that the church leadership is in continual prayer and communication with local, county, state, and church leaders to find our way forward. We are paying close attention to what the school districts are doing and will make use of their reopening plans to help guide us as well.

We have some good news for those with hearing impairments. A portion of the funds from the Estate of John Chopelas was designated to pay for acoustic wall panels for the sanctuary. The Church council approved this expense and we hope to have the panels in this summer. This will reduce echoes in the sanctuary and make it easier for those members with hearing impairment to hear and understand better during worship.

At the end of July Immanuel held its first drive-through communion service.  We pray that this service was an opportunity to bring a little joy into your hearts.  Our next drive-through communion service is this Sunday, August 16th. Check the newsletter and the church sign for more details!

The opportunity to see each other was a very jubilant experience, but it was tempered just a few days later when the July treasurer鈥檚 report showed that we fell short of meeting our monthly expenses by almost $8,500.  Approximately $5,000 of this was a shortage in the operating budget and nearly $3,500 was a shortage in making our monthly mortgage payment. Without the funds from the estate of Donna and the Payroll Protection Plan loan we would be more than $34,000 short of meeting expenses for 2020.

There are many ways you may continue to give while the church building is closed:

         You can mail a check to the church.  The church address is: 3801 Cunningham Road, Killeen, Texas 76542

         You can drop off your check to those directing traffic at the drive-through communion service

         You can drop your check off in the mailbox at the church - it is locked and secure

         You can ask your bank to send an electronic check to the church or select automatic monthly transfers

         You can also set up an account with Tithe.ly to give online. Click this link to find out how: /online-giving.shtml. Please note - there is a small fee to use Tithe.ly

With hope, joy, peace, and love,

Joy, Brenda, Larry, & Shawn

Executive Committee

Immanuel Lutheran Church Killeen, TX